Civilian Mid-Range Carbine

Civilian Mid-Range Carbine course is a marksmanship focused course and was designed to facilitate successful engagements on mid-range targets (100 – 500 yards) utilizing AR-15 / carbine platforms with either iron sights, red dots, or magnified optics. This course is designed to enhance mid-range proficiency for those who prefer a carbine platform and wish to improve their accuracy at extended ranges.

This course is not a typical day on the range shooting from the prone position, as most of our rounds will be fired from the sitting, kneeling, and even standing. Using natural body position, slings, and support aides we will have you smacking our inventory of steel out to 500 yards, and beyond. We will also teach you how to properly zero your rifle, utilize Max Point Blank Range scope settings, handle malfunctions, and smoothly conduct mag changes. The culmination of your training day will involve live-fire barricade scenarios, natural environment utilization drills, and a stress shoot! We will get you moving and put to practice what you have learned. Our instructors are excited to pass along the carbine knowledge that they have refined through years of military training, the same training they relied upon during their combat deployments.




training objectives

  • Fundamentals of mid Range Precision Marksmanship
  • Understanding Natural Point of Aim and body position
  • Non standard shooting positions
  • Rifle and scope setup and maintenance
  • Carbine malfunctions clearance
  • Magazine changes
  • Fundamentals of max point blank range
  • Establishing and Confirming Rifle/Scope Zero
  • Introduction to internal and external ballistics

Equipment Needed

  • AR or AK platform * silencers are welcome
  • Rifle sling / tac-sling * 2 point slings preferred (no 3 points)
  • 360 rounds *absolutely no steel core / penetrator ammo!
  • Tool required to adjust scope / red-dot / iron-sights
  • Eye & Ear protection
  • Minimum of four (4) magazines
  • Chest rig, tac-vest, plate carrier, or belt with the capability to carry four (4) magazines
  • Small rifle cleaning kit * with lubricant of choice
  • Brimmed hat
  • Long Pants * they will get dirty
  • Hiking / work / tactical boots
  • Water / drinks and bag lunch

optional equipment

  • Camp chair / stool
  • Tac-gloves
  • Knee pads
  • Bi-pod on front of rifle
  • Shooting sticks

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