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  • HRW Course October 19th 2019
    October 19, 2019
    9:00 am - 6:30 pm

Due to the numerous requests we have fielded, and to cater to our students’ desire to prepare for the upcoming hunting season, HPR will run a one day Hunting Rifle Workshop (HRW) in Niobrara, NE on the weekend of October 19th & 20th *this is a Husker bye week.

This class is NOT a “Long Range Hunting” class, as we do not subscribe to the “spot and shoot” mentality that many of the TV personalities out there like to market. This is a legitimate precision marksmanship class that is designed to make you, the hunter, more confident in your application of the fundamentals of marksmanship, and being able to deliver your round where it needs to be during the moment of truth.

HRW was designed to teach those with a passion for big game hunting to get the most performance out of themselves and their hunting rifle. Through in-depth instruction on the fundamentals of marksmanship, alternate firing positions, ballistics, wind reading, shooter / spotter team dynamics and live fire hunting scenarios, we will help you establish your own Ethical Range Limit. This course is a way for you to hone your rifle hunting skills and to improve your harvest odds on that trophy animal that you have invested sweat, time and money to pursue.

This class is taught by our military qualified snipers and competitive shooters who are also avid hunters and outdoorsman. You will receive military sniper school house level of instruction on advanced precision marksmanship, to include; data collection, ballistic technology integration, advanced scope utilization, range estimation, wind reading, shooter / spotter relationship, spotter fundamentals, hunter focused positional shooting techniques, advanced fundamentals of marksmanship and numerous other applicable topics. With a 1 to 4 instructor to student ratio, and class sizes limited to 8 students, you are guaranteed to get the over the shoulder level of instruction you would expect. We are confident you will leave our course with the ability to successfully make precision hits on vital area sized targets out to 700+ yards. We promise that by the end of the course you will understand the capabilities of yourself and your equipment as it relates to the ethical engagement of game animals.

You will train utilizing our wide array of steel targets, and receive instant feed-back from the ring of the steel, and the critique of our instructors. We will the focus on positional shooting and the use of support aides to achieve hits on vital sized targets at extended ranges. The culminating event of this training is a practical based exercise where you will apply all lessons learned through challenging live fire hunting scenarios. Utilizing the “train as you fight” mentality of the military, our instructors will put you and your gear to the test on a demanding hunting scenario based live fire where you will engage vital area sized steel plates out to distances you never thought possible before. You will train as you hunt, thus ensuring you have experienced and conquered extended range hunting scenarios prior to putting your crosshairs on a real-world big game animal. We consider this training the best insurance policy a trophy game hunter can have.

Needed Equipment –

– Rifle Chambered in .243 to .338LM
*we want you to show with your hunting rig
– Bi-pods for your rifle
– Minimum of 180 match grade round
*bring more, you can always take them home with you
– Quality Scope with Mil or MOA target reticle and target elevation and windage turrets
*be sure to properly torque your rifle and scope
*zero your rifle at 100 yards prior to arrival
– Ballistic solver / smart phone app
– Spotting Scope & Tri-Pod
– Binoculars
– Range Finder
*Ensure you bring your scope’s USER MANUAL in either hard copy or digital form, we need to know your reticles sub-tensions*
– Eye and Ear Protection
– 2 Sand Socks / Rear Bags
– Rifle Sling
– Medium sized hunting pack filled with gear / clothing *you will shoot off of this pack
– Clothing Appropriate to forecasted weather
– Hunting / hiking boots
– Camp stool of folding chair to sit on during class room portion
– Snacks and water to sustain you for two days on the range

* Contact us if you need a long-range / hunting platform or scope to run through the class on; no reason to miss out on training because you don’t have the equipment

* We will send a packing list and welcome letter upon your registration

*We have the ability to pick you up from the nearest airport if you are flying in for a course; requires prior coordination

*Class can be taught in a “hunting buddy” capacity, utilizing a shooter and observer method…bring a buddy and both of you will receive a discount

Heartland Precision Rifle is a subsidiary of TIII Operational Solutions, and therefore all class scheduling and sign up is conducted via the www.t3ops.com website

Contact Kenneth Winn on messenger or email, kenny@t3ops.com with any questions you may have

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