Long Range Precision | 3 | Lewiston Nebraska

Andrew Yates

  • July 15th 2018
    July 15, 2018
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • June 9th 2019
    June 9, 2019
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Long Range Precision (3), or LRP-3, is a Ballistic Technology Integration & Spotter Proficiency focused class where you spend as much time on the spotting scope and your ballistic app as you do your rifle. After numerous requests to package a class of this nature, we have finally figured out what it should look like and are ready to deliver it. A lot of this class curriculum was previously covered in our “Intro to LR” & “Intermediate LR” classes, and through the re-structuring of our LR classes we have created what we feel is the perfect flow to our LR training curriculum.

In LRP-3 we will teach you how to collect & utilize atmospheric data, and then couple it with the ballistic performance of your projectile, to achieve extreme accuracy downrange. You are also given a top-notch wind reading class where we show you how to read mirage and the seen environmental / vegetation effects to determine wind effects on your round down range. We will also give you instruction on advanced spotting scope utilization and help you observe bullet trace, observe hits and misses on target, call corrections, and communicate utilizing standard shooter / spotter verbiage.

This class is taught in a “workshop” capacity and we will help you wring all of the performance out of your ballistic technology, LR platform, and yourself. We want you to bring all of your precision resources; i.e. Ballistic Phone Application, Range Finder, Spotting Scope, Kestrel, Chrono-Graph, etc…*Don’t worry if you are short on gear, we have a reasonable rental you can fall in on for course completion. We will culminate the day with you running spotter duties for a fellow student, and vice – versa, as you run them out to 1,000 yards on the steel, all under the watchful eye and coaching of our world class instructors. This class will leave you with the knowledge to effectively spot for your friends and family, which in our opinion is invaluable.


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