• Vehicle CQB Instructor Certification
  • State Department Tactical Drivers Course
  • Geospatial Intelligence Analyst
  • All-Source Intelligence Analyst
  • Counter Narcotics Specialist
  • U.S. Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer
  • Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator
  • Homeland Security Threat Analysis Course
  • Criminal Analyst and Threat Finance Certification
  • Air Force Special Operations Command Intelligence Analyst
  • Numerous criminal and military intelligence analysis certifications

instructor background

Josh has 13 years of military service that spans multiple military branches, occupational specialties, and disciplines. Throughout his varied career, he has worked for the Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement Counter-Narcotics, Navy Search and Rescue, and supported Special Operations as a civilian contractor. In addition to his military background, Josh owns and operates a martial arts school that focuses on a variety of self-defense techniques he has learned over 10 years of study.
Josh is still an active member of the military and has completed three overseas deployments. His experience while deployed is Operational level support in the form of Geospatial, and All-Source Intelligence work. He currently serves as the lead Criminal Analyst for a specialized joint military service unit. Josh is very passionate in training all levels of Law Enforcement and military units. He believes that the moment you think you have learned it all is the moment you need to re-evaluate your career. Being open to ideas and being humble with what you already know is the only way you can get ahead of your adversaries.