Lead Instructor:


Aside from the tactical and precision firearms knowledge, Will has 4 years of real-world physical surveillance experience. He has attended ground reconnaissance and surveillance courses. Skills vary from surveillance photography, IP camera system set-up and operation, to on-foot and vehicle surveillance. He has been involved in multiple training events for law enforcement agencies covering surveillance and information collection.

instructor background

Will has eight years of military experience and has been shooting rifles since the age of 10. He graduated with distinction from U.S. Army Sniper School in 2012. He also attended Mountain Warfare School in Vermont where he received more training in high angle shooting. He
deployed to Afghanistan in 2010-2011 as a designated marksman.

He is an avid hunter and competitive shooter. He and his Sniper partner attended the Winston P. Wilson Sniper Competition in Arkansas in 2013 and 2015. Overall, they placed 3rd and 2nd respectively. Will won 1st place in field craft in both 2013 and 2015. He has assisted in long range marksmanship for multiple law-enforcement agencies in Nebraska. Will has attended multiple training and instructor level shooting courses involving tactical shotguns, carbine rifles, and pistols.