Dynamic Vehicle Environments Basic | LEO MIL Restricted

2 day (20 hour) L/E basic Dynamic Vehicle Environment Training (DVE) is an accelerated shooting class focused on learning how to effectively shoot inside, around and through what officers spend the majority of their time in. Their vehicles. This physically intensive class spends much of the day, into the night, learning how to identify threats and engage while using vehicles for cover before working to a better position. You will learn engagements from inside, outside and through vehicles, best practices for vehicle approach, high risk felony stop vehicle and body placement, lowlight, and most importantly, how to use a vehicle for cover in ways that breaks most common dogma and training models.

***(If paying out of pocket contact us directly for individual officer discount possibility). Lodging is available on site for $50 per night. Or we can export the class to your range (must be able to coordinate vehicles). ***

2 Days

$450 Dept


training objectives

  • Terminal and Intermediate Ballistics on Vehicle Panels
  • Using the Vehicle for Cover
  • Performance shooting drills: Around and through vehicles – in all conditions and lighting
  • Medical care under fire – in and around vehicles
  • Shooting from the vehicle
  • Working vehicles as a team

Equipment Needed

  • Knee pads, gloves, long sleeves and pants
  • Facemask, elbow pads (optional but recommended)
  • Cleaning kit and weapons lube
  • Notepad, pen, marker
  • Lots of water and packed lunch
  • Open mind and good attitude!
  • Double hearing protection recommended
  • Handheld tactical light and weapon lights for both handgun and rifle (if dept allows)
  • Your normal duty gear with handgun, rifle with sling, 3 mags handgun, 2 mags rifle
  • Holster with good active or passive retention (no paddle, serpa or vanguard holsters allowed)
  • 600 rounds handgun (bring some duty ammo for demos), 2-300 rounds rifle ammunition
  • Tourniquet on person (IFAK recommended)

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