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Shooter / Spotter Team Building

It is our opinion that the greatest team concept within the U.S. Military inventory is that of the shooter / spotter dynamic found on Sniper teams. With subject matter expertise in ballistics, organic team verbiage, dedicated duties and responsibilities, and discipline for days, a U.S. Sniper Team is one of the most effective tools that commanders can utilize during a conflict. While we at TIII do not train civilians on Sniper doctrine / tactics, we have taken the team dynamic utilized to put accurate rounds down range as a shooter / spotter combo, and offer it as one of the most unique team building events in the nation.

Constructed by former Army Sniper Instructor, Kenny Winn, the Shooter / Spotter Team Building class is designed to build team trust, an understanding of responsibilities, communication, and a shared sense of accomplishment. This is all done utilizing a precision rifle, a spotting scope, and 160 rounds of match grade ammo, and a 1,000 yard range full of freshly painted steel targets. After 1.5 hours of classroom time, we will practically apply all lessons taught during on site exercises and team range fire. We guarantee that you and your partner will both smack steel at 800 yards, and we have yet to not deliver.

This class is designed for anyone who wants to build a stronger team dynamic, connect with someone in a true “1 on 1” level, enhance communication, or reward team members with a unique training experience. We pair you up with an actual trained spotter, and by the end of the day we will have you giving elevation and windage data, shot corrections, and communicating like a legit shooter / spotter team. We’ve run collegiate team mates, married couples, fathers and sons, brothers, and corporate co-workers through this course.

We Provide you the Following:

· quality spotting scope and tri-pod
· shooting mats
· an instructor to coach, teach, and mentor

We can rent you a Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor /w scope for team utilization and 180 match grade rounds for $325, or you can bring your own rifle & scope combo, .243 to .338 with a target / tactical scope, and 180 match grade rounds for utilization during the course.

We will send a packing list and welcome letter upon your registration

10 Hours

Per Team


training objectives

  • Scope Utilization
  • Mirage / Wind Reading
  • Ballistics
  • Shooter & Spotter Verbiage
  • Follow Up / Correction Shots
  • Numerous Other Topics
  • MIL & MOA Units of Measurement
  • Basic Target Observation
  • Target Indexing
  • Small Unit Team Dynamics

Equipment Needed

  • Eye Protection
  • Clip Board & Pencil
  • Drinks and snacks for a half day of range operations
  • You may wear shorts during the summer months, but no sandals
  • Hearing Protection; foam ear plugs or muffs will work
  • Stool or Folding Chair
  • Ball Cap or Brimmed Sun Hat
  • Range Wear, suited for the training day’s forecasted weather

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