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Long Range Precision

Our Long Range Precision 1 class, or (LRP-1), was created by former Army Sniper instructor, Kenny Winn, to serve as the foundation for all long range rifle classes within the Heartland Precision Rifle class inventory. In LRP-1 we teach an attention to detail focused utilization of the fundamentals of marksmanship as the key learning objective of the class, and then help our students incorporate them into their shot sequence to achieve down range accuracy. See Course Listing.
Our Extended Range Game Harvest (ERGH) course teaches those with a passion for big game hunting to get the most performance out of themselves and their hunting rifle. Through in-depth instruction on the fundamentals of marksmanship, alternate firing positions, ballistics, basic wind reading and live fire hunting scenarios, we will help you establish your own Ethical Range Limit (ERL). This course is a way for you to hone your rifle hunting skills and to improve your harvest odds on that trophy animal that you have invested sweat, time and money to pursue. .
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Introduction to carbine is a one day course that covers the basics of modern semi-automatic rifles. In a comfortable no stress training day, we will teach you how to effectively use your semi-automatic rifle to both your potential and the rifles.

This class is perfect for people who are newer to autoloading rifles or have only shot from a bench at a gun club. We cover not only the basics of marksmanship, but dive into an intro into some more advanced techniques to help you in a defensive situation or jump into multi gun competitions. This class is also perfect for people who want to get into the AR platform, but have not yet with our gun rental program. We have a wide variety of AR configurations to try before you buy!

Your instructors are all trained military and law enforcement experts on rifles, each with years of operational experience with AR platform rifles. See Course Listing.


Additional Details Coming Soon. See Course Listing.