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Our Intro to Long Range Precision course serves as the launch pad for precision instruction within our course catalog. The idea of consistently hitting targets from 400 yards out to 1,000 yards seems unattainable to many; with the training we provide you in this class, you will no longer feel intimidated by this discipline of shooting. The ILRP is a one-day course taught by military qualified snipers, who possess extensive real world and competition experience. This is a “bare metal” type class where we build the student from the ground up through extreme adherence to the fundamentals of marksmanship. You will receive military level instruction on ballistics, data collection, range estimation, wind reading, weather effects, positional shooting, stress and breathing control, and a myriad of other LR related topics. After a half day of classroom instruction you will spend the rest of the day to shooting steel targets out to 1,000 yards on one of the most beautiful rifle ranges in the state, all the while receiving hands on instruction from our sniper-qualified staff.
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