Intro class, or prior equivalent experience required

Our Long Range Precision 2 (LRP-2) class is a common-sense continuation of LRP-1, and focuses on Advanced Scope Utilization to achieve long range hits on targets. We teach you how to use your target reticle, via the MOA or MIL relation formula, to determine the range of targets, and then utilize reticle hold over and hold off to compensate for bullet drop and effects of the wind on your projectile. This class, like all within our Long Range curriculum, was created by former Army Sniper instructor and Heartland Precision Rifle president, Kenny Winn.

Aside from teaching you how to practically utilize all “dots, dashes, ticks, and lines” within your scope, we also introduce you to basic wind reading techniques and naked eye range estimation techniques to compliment your new-found ability to utilize your scope for the same purpose. We will also cover down on advanced shooter / spotter communication and team dynamics. And just like in LRP-1, we continue our attention to detail focus on your use of the fundamentals of marksmanship, and coach you up if you begin to stray from this foundation. After a little over 2 hours of instruction and practical exercises, our spotters will give you the data and wind calls to help you attain hits on steel at distances up to 1,000 yards.

* just like in LRP 1, we “GUARANTEE” to get you on target at 800 yards or we will bring you back at no cost during our next long range event, and we have yet to not deliver on this promise




training objectives

  • Advanced application of marksmanship fundamentals
  • Reticle Hold Over & Hold off Target Engagements
  • Mil / MOA Relation Formula / Range Estimation
  • Max Point Blank Range Target Engagements
  • Intro to Technology Integration
  • Intro to Wind Reading / Calling Wind
  • Ballistic Data Collection

Equipment Needed

  • Rifle Chambered in .223 to .338LM (AR’s in 223. / 5.56 are welcome, no lever action or AK style rifles)
  • a minimum of 80 match grade rounds, most shoot 100 rounds in a day…bring more, you can always take them home with you.
  • ***Ensure you have your published Ballistic Coefficient, approximate muzzle velocity, and grain of your projectile***
  • A Quality Scope with Mil or MOA target reticle and target elevation and windage turrets.
  • ***Scope should be leveled, the base and rings properly torqued to specified inch pound setting, and secured w/ blue or purple Loctite
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • 2 Sand Socks **contact if you need clarification
  • Clothing Appropriate to forecasted weather

Optional Equipment

  • Shooting Mat
  • Ballistic solver / smart phone app
  • Spotting Scope & Tri-Pod
  • Drinks & Snacks for the range
  • Tri-Pod

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