TIII is now offering a Precision Sustainment Program for all prior students of our Intro to Long Range Precision class. We will run classes on a monthly basis out of Lewiston, Fullerton, and Battle Creek, which will focus on sustaining and building upon the skills taught in our civilian Long Range curriculum.

* we intend run training based upon the requests of our students as well…send us training topics you want to see covered

Each monthly session will provide class room instruction followed by practical application / live fire. We will start this coming April and run our last session in November. All training resources that you have come to expect from TIII will be available, as well as our top notch precision instructors.

– Each session will be $75 for former students

– For an additional $75, students are allowed to bring a guest to a session

– We will run a total of 8 sessions from April to November; buy the “LR Sustainment Package” for $450…that’s a $150 savings

– The sustainment training schedule will be planned, resourced, staffed, and ran based upon the needs and requests of the students. TIII will provide you with gear lists, time lines, round counts, etc… once you enroll in a class or sign up for the “LR Sustainment Package”.



LRP Student

training objectives

  • Advanced Wind Reading / Spotter Proficiency
  • Ballistic Technology Integration
  • Hold Over & Hold Off
  • Reloading 101
  • Range Estimation
  • Moving Targets
  • Weapons Maintenance & Proper Scope Mounting Procedures
  • Alternate Firing Positions

Equipment Needed

  • Precision rifle capable of shooting 1 MOA / 1” at 100 yards; heavy profile varmint or target barrel, should be free floated
  • Rifle calibers accepted; .243 to .30-06 (6.5CM, .243, .308 ect preferred) / *magnum calibers up to .338 LM are acceptable with coordination
  • 80-100 rounds of match grade ammo; no steel core or penetrator ammo…we prefer no holes in our steel
  • Bi-pods for your rifle
  • Hearing protection; muffs or plugs
  • Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, lip balm
  • Long Sleeves & Long Pants
  • Seasonal warming layers; jacket, sweatshirt, stocking cap etc… (if appropriate)
  • Mechanical pencils and note pad
  • Quality rifle-scope with adjustable “target” knobs, should have a MIL dot style reticle for ranging
  • Quality rings and base for your scope
  • Rifle case to transport rifle to the range
  • An adjustable rifle sling, there are precision styles on the market
  • One piece caliber specific cleaning rod for your rifle
  • Brimmed hat, Ballistic Eye Protection, Sunglasses, Rain Gear
  • Footwear appropriate for range operations
  • Midsized hunting backpack / range bag
  • Camelback or container(s) capable of retaining 2qts of water, and snacks for while on the range
  • Cleaning kit for your rifle
  • Shooting Mat & Tripod
  • Scope cant indicator / level bubble
  • Quality spotting scope with tripod, ballistic calculator, extra batteries for any electronics
  • Coffee mug & thermos

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