TACMED – Advanced

***Active LE-MIL – Must possess advanced handgun skills, should have basic medical training***

Tactical Medicine (TACMED) advanced for Law Enforcement is an advanced 1 day course that covers immediate lifesaving steps (TCCC) and includes live fire exercises with limited mobility and evacuation of casualties under simulated fire. The law enforcement officer will gain knowledge and skills necessary to mitigate the loss of their life or the life of another while in an active threat environment. This class not only teaches individual medical tasks, but gives tools to bring back to their agency to develop and refine care under fire and evacuation SOP’s. This class not only teaches individual medical tasks and use of an IFAK, but gives tools to bring back to their agency to develop and refine care under fire and evacuation SOP’s. The advanced course includes live fire weapon training, focusing on officer self-aid, while engaging threats, officer rescue and limited mobility weapon manipulation

An option with registration is a high quality individual aid kit (IFAK) worth approximately $130 that you will be trained on and is yours to keep. Please contact us if you do not require an IFAK but you should bring one to train and rehearse on. If you bring your own aid kit it should have the following items; (you will not use your own medical supplies for training, we will supply them for you to use)

TIII’s TACMED instructors are at the top of their professions. John is a current Physician’s Assistant with extensive real world experience as an Army Combat Medic, Army Special Operations Deputy Surgeon, resident Physician’s Assistant in a Lincoln trauma center, and many years teaching Tactical Combat Casualty Care.

If you or your Agency are interested in this course, please contact us at 402-304-1869 or 402-440-9577. There a limit of 12 students per class, so please try and register as soon as possible so we can purchase IFAK’s for all students if desired. We look forward to training with you!




training objectives

  • Utilize an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)
  • Tourniquet Application
  • Basic Airway Management
  • Wound Assessment and Hemorrahage Control
  • Treat and Manage Penetrating Wounds
  • Officer Self-Extraction
  • Limited Mobility Handgun Skills (rifle skills optional based on experience of Officers)
  • Recognize and Treat Tension Pneumothorax
  • Shock Recognition and Treatment
  • Recognize and Treat other Serious Injuries
  • Prepare for Evacuation and Transport
  • Extraction Techniques for Downed Officers in The Line of Fire

Equipment Needed

  • Duty Gear with Body Armor
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Three Magazines and Magazine Pouches
  • Sack Lunch
  • Water Source
  • Semi Auto Pistol with Rear Sight Ledge
  • 400rds of Factory Ammunition
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing That You Don’t Mind Getting Simulated Blood On
  • Pen and Note Pad

Optional Equipment

  • Current Issued IFAK (you will not use any items from your IFAK during the course)
  • Knee and Elbow Pads
  • Gloves

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