Youth Precision Hunter

The Youth Precision Hunter (YPH) course is focused on building extended range scoped rifle hunting proficiency for youth in the age groupings of 11 to 17 years of age. Our class, which is taught by military qualified snipers and civilian competition shooters, provides classroom instruction on safe weapons handling, proper zeroing procedures, the fundamentals of marksmanship, basic ballistics, range estimation, and scope utilization. Upon completion of our short classroom time we move to the range where we will begin work on range estimation, basic wind reading, weapons zero, data collection out to 400 yards, and alternate firing positions. All of this is taught with the goal of making your young rifle hunter a more precise, safe, and ethical hunter.

This class isn’t just for the young guy or gal, we have built this class for parents / adults to partake in the learning process and to gain knowledge how to act as a spotter for your young hunter…we have created a true “hunting buddy” team building event. We will teach you how to call wind, range estimate, identify targets, alert and guide your shooter onto the target you want them to engage, and to easily converse your directions to the shooter.

The course ends with a hunting based scenario evaluation where the student and adult actually don their hunting gear; boots, back pack, optics, water, shooting sticks, rifle and ammo, and are taken on a “guided” hunt. The young “hunter” and “observer” will be guided onto numerous realistic game sized targets in which the teams must establish a steady firing position, range the target, call the wind, send the shot, and follow up if need be…all while being timed. Once each game animal is successfully engaged, at ranges varying from 150 – 400 yards, the teams will pack up their gear and the “guide” will lead them on foot to their next firing position. As military snipers we understand the “train as you fight” mentality, so we have created a “train as you hunt” course of instruction that will challenge both team members mentally and physically.




course requirements

  • Due to the age of the students and the attention required by the instructors, we will only run classes of 4 STUDENTS MAX
  • Must show proof of completion of the state certified Hunter’s Safety Course
  • Students of the course must be accompanied by an adult/guardian at all times
  • Must be at least 11 years old to attend this course

Equipment Needed

  • Bolt action rifle chambered in .223 to .30-06 **no magnums allowed in this course (Rifle Rentals Available on Request)
  • Minimum of 60 match grade rounds
  • Medium sized back pack; will be utilized as a shooting rest during the course
  • A properly mounted and zeroed precision scope with target turrets and target reticle in either MOA or MIL (Scope Rentals Available on Request)
  • Forward mounted bi-pods
  • Shooting sticks…homemade or store bought

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