Elite Training

TIII Operational Solutions was created to bring high level training opportunities and equipment to Law Enforcement, Military and Responsible Citizens. We strive to bring you and your team the best training and equipment available anywhere.

Our instructors come from differing backgrounds and are considered experts in their respective fields. They are Military, Law Enforcement, world class shooting sports competitors, intelligence professionals, surveillance and technical operations specialists. This unique blend of expertise allows us to provide you with the most professional, robust and diverse training experience you will find. Most of all, our instructor cadre are quiet professionals, with no ego, attitude or resume padding. Each of them has been thoroughly vetted and have years of experience in both the operational environment and training realm.

We are able to bring real life complex situations to a manageable level thorough realistic and difficult training. We use a high instructor to student ratio, never leaving our students without hands on instruction and guidance. Most of all, our training is fun and safe with appropriate risk management controls applied at all times.

Not only do we have several facilities and ranges throughout Nebraska, we are willing to come to your training facility or local range. Bringing our cadre, equipment and knowledge to you, we can save you resources and keep your officers local in the event they need to respond. Civilian students are also encouraged to contact us for private on site training if you have a range that fits your needs.

Each of our ranges are purpose built and several have excellent on site lodging, classroom areas, and dining facilities. Each site also allows for excellent team building after your long day (or night) of training that include fishing, trap and sporting clays, upland hunting, or just sitting around a campfire enjoying what Nebraska has to offer!

We assure you that whether you are a new shooter or an experienced professional, you WILL leave our classes with new and refined skills and an experience to remember!