Senior Instructor.


  • Tactical Carbine and Pistol Instructor
  • Non-permissive environment Close Target Reconnaissance Instructor
  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • Range Operations/Safety
  • Advanced Tactical Pistol, Carbine and Shotgun
  • DHS Active Threat Instructor
  • DHS Backcountry Tracking Instructor
  • State Department Tactical Drivers Course
  • Signals Intelligence Analysis/ Electronic Warfare
  • Joint Intelligence Operations
  • Counter-narcotics Specialist
  • U.S. Army Jump Master
  • Numerous criminal and military intelligence analysis certifications

instructor background

Andrew is co-owner of TIII Operational Solutions and is the primary pistol, carbine, technical operations and intelligence operations instructor. Throughout his career, he has trained countless Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Community and civilian students in firearms, tactics, intelligence operations, physical surveillance and technical surveillance operations. Andrew has trained with some of the most recognized names in the industry and continues to actively train and compete in USPSA and 3 gun.

Andrew is still actively serving in the Military and has over 17 years in both combat arms and intelligence units with multiple combat tours to several theaters of operation. He has extensive operational experience in Long Range Surveillance operations, counter-insurgency, counter-narcotics, tactical and operational intelligence, and criminal analysis. Andrew is currently the Ground Reconnaissance Sergeant and primary firearms instructor for a specialized joint military surveillance unit.

Additionally, Andrew oversees the technical surveillance systems branch of TIII and is responsible for design, fabrication, implementation and training for the technical surveillance equipment branch, creating some of the most innovative surveillance systems and techniques in the industry.